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A part-time freelance writer with hometown Jersey roots. I was first published during the summer of 2014 within a Bayonne, NJ based newspaper: The Intuitive Entrepreneur. The fall of that same year, I was a featured intern for the New Jersey Family website. I wrote several listicles, articles, and a blog post targeted at moms (and dads, but mostly moms) searching for crafts, fun playtime ideas, parenting tips, and much more. Diverging away from print, I tried my hand at copy-editing. I provided writing services to SMP Global, by editing the company’s fact sheet and a PowerPoint. Amidst completing my last semester of college, the winter of 2015, I obtained an internship at Warner Music Group. While there, I would periodically provide copy to upper management for ten second voiceovers that were featured on the company’s Snap Chat Discover channel. Fast forward to 2016 - I have articles featured in EIGHTY Magazine, a quarterly publication based in Jersey City, New Jersey. The EIGHTY team does a great job at highlighting the city's descent into the state's nucleus for diverse culture, art, great food, and easy transportation into NYC (can it get better than that?). Working with the EIGHTY team to release the fourth issue, I learned a lot about what entails completing a magazine from start to finish. Most importantly, I learned that blood, sweat, and tears are necessary when producing great work. While the moment of conceiving such work may be hell, the reward is worth the outcome. I write to consistently produce a worthwhile composition for myself and the client.