Internship at the wildlife conservation corps. Previous pet sitter/walker. Have worked at animal shelters. Worked with various animals from horses to madagascar hissing cockroaches. Specialize in small animal care. Have been working with children for about four years as a counselor.

Ready for urgent work

My resume

  • Pet sitting
  • Dog sitting
  • Cat sitting
  • Dog walking
  • Dog care
  • Babysitting

I have been working with animals for over ten years now and have owned exotic animals as well as just regular house pets such as dogs and cats. I was raised on a farm and am currently enrolled in my schools vet science program. I'm getting ready to pursue my career in Animal science and would love to gain as much experience as I can. I've worked at animal shelters as well as went to community events to create dog toys and beds. I have walked dogs over the years and have taken care of animals when the owners were away on a business trip.