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For more than 30 years I’ve worked in the culinary industry, with early training in a classic French brigade-style system following my education at the New England Culinary Institute. I have also been trained in pastry, and am highly proficient in Mediterranean Basin, Middle Eastern, Southern and Northern Indian, Regional Chinese, and Southeast Asian cuisine. Since the early 1990s, I have been running kitchens under the leadership philosophy of education. I believe it is the duty of every chef to pass along their particular knowledge in order to build the next generation on fundamental techniques and ideals, while incorporating modern methodology. I am also extremely experienced with food and labor costs, recipe formulation and development, batch extension, menu development, HACCP, sous vide, ServSafe, and the New York State Health Code. You will find from my resume that I am an extraordinarily capable chef and instructor, and I am interested in expanding my personal experience with instruction in an educational atmosphere. Whether this is functioning in a professional atmosphere as a consultant, menu developer or recipe tester, or in a private setting giving lessons to groups or individuals, I approach each experience as an opportunity to learn, teach and grow. Learn more by following the link below. The password is saltland10001