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I am an entrepreneur of many skills that I have attained throughout my life experiences. My love is in music and writing. I have developed content for various non-profit organizations for workshops, seminars, and lessons. Topics for this content include business, family, relationships, and education. I have given lectures based on my content, which was developed in some cases individually and others within a group. I love working with people, mostly because it allows my ideas and admirations to reach great potential when they are collaborated with others. Besides writing and developing content for various organizations, I have also written various blogs on life in general and on a deeper meaning. Another topic of mind is short stories and I am currently working on my first pilot script, so keep a look out for that. To get back to my other love, music, I play multiple instruments such as guitar, piano, and bass. I have produced diverse songs and have reached great proficiently in mixing and mastering. The majority of my skills are in mastering. My mentor gave me that desire, and because of it I have developed an extraordinary ear for sound over the years. I love mastering music, it gives me the opportunity to extend my horizons for different genres and to get my clients' projects to their best possible sound, while still delivering my client's story through the music. Check out some of my works at Above all, I am a humanist, so this place seems the best fit. I want to meet others and help develop their ideas to the next level, with my skill set. Hit me up, let's start a conversation and see what heights we can reach. Please reach out to me for pricing varies on the project.