I would like to work with customers and the budget that helps them. .Hourly rates can be deceiving .. If there is a time limit, then quality is not of interest. I have repaired many of these situations when an unexperienced person comes to do a job on a timely basis and cannot do. I have a direct cell # 516-698-7581 Text or call anytime

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  • Electrician

I am a Licensed and insured NYC master electrician ...I have many years of experience and really enjoy helping people with all their lighting needs. Large or small I am there for all electrical needs!! There is nothing like a customers face when they return home and find a room lite up and beautiful ...I am interested in quality and am reliable and concerned to help customers with their budgets, especially in our present economy.. Hiring a licensed electrician is not more costly its only a myth. I would also like to connect with a contractor , since the one I worked with just retired. I am licensed for Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island