I was always influenced by what occurred around me in the present. I could never sit and watch movies. I had to create my own story in my head. And as I began to get older. My pen told the story for me visually. With respects to photography I believe the eyes are the window to the soul. And if you can master that perception. The camera will do the rest. In capturing the soul of whatever subject your shooting. In turn being able to edit someone's images is a huge undertaking. Which I have never taken for granted

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  • I Believe Art Is Born From Truth and Pessimism
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Filmmaker
  • muralist

Im an artist who works under the name Vanquish Knight. I'm inspired everyday. I read constantly. I've studied Roman History / Theology / Esoteric Studies. I try to incorporate pop culture, or that 'feel' generated from it, into my art. Which is fused conceptually by my thoughts of life / love / pain. I'm also a photographer with published works online. Photography is a interesting genre of Art. One cannot be shy behind the camera. Take the shot. It will be the perfect one! Above all understanding what a client wants to convey is strategically important I think to the whole process. Whether it be editing Images you want to look perfect, or original pieces of work, maybe you want a custom monogram. I work efficiently. And I meet deadlines. Thank you for reading this. Now let's work!