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Hello my name is Troy Anderson i just recently started my own clothing line called Tru' Starz Clothing. Im selling and promoting my clothing another thing that i also do is design my own clothing and have some knowledge with graphic designing . If your in need of some help coming up with a design or logo i can be much help for you. Im also a motivator and encourage and help people who are going though life struggles and crisis to help get through what they may be going through and motivate them to chase there dreams and do what they wanna do despite the obstacles and challenges in front of them. I myself have been through a lot of obstacles and challenges throughout my life I'm temporarily paralyzed and working on my recovery .I know i will come to a full recovery i have to continue to work hard and stay positive and loving and happy and just continually growing within myself. I also have or friends and family who own there own businesses and could possibly offer other services depending on what it is your in need of .Thank you for your time i look forward to meeting you and working with you in the near future.