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I have been self-employed as a computer consultant and troubleshooter for nearly 20 years. I specialize in Macintosh computers running various versions of OS X / macOS, and have worked with Windows PCs from NT and XP through Windows 10, and also work with Linux distros, including Linux Mint, Ubuntu and others. I enjoy troubleshooting a wide variety of tech support issues, including computer performance, installing hardware additions and upgrades, installing software updates and upgrades, mitigating malware attacks, security issues, networking and server issues, and managing tech support issues from inception to conclusion. I am an excellent writer and communicator with previous professional experience in writing and editing for various newspapers. I have been the editor of a computer club newsletter for 13 years, and have written articles for that newsletter. I have done volunteer technical support for two non-profit agencies. I can be a team contributor and leader, when called up on for that role.