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I can manage any project from concept to completion. My strength is communication - verbal, written, filmed. My degree is in cinema-television (USC) and because I'm a trained filmmaker, I can put the idea on paper, do the budget, apply the logistics, hire the right people and even shoot and edit the piece if need be, depending on the size of the project. I love people, having fun and working tirelessly until the job is done. If things go wrong, I pride myself on seamless problem solving. After all, pre-production is all about foreseeing the problems and making sure they don't happen, all the while, having a back-up plan if they do. No, I'm not perfect, but I work my tail off to get the results as close to it as possible. And rest assured, where there is a slight lack of perfection, there is always jazz. I believe in due diligence, mastery of fundamentals and certainly innovation and improvisation where needed. Some day, my entire skill set will be on display. For now though, I am available for hire and interested in what you're doing. This is an uncertain time in the minds of many and I intend to navigate and to help others to navigate through it all with flying colors even when external forces make things difficult and outright challenging. Why so certain of myself? Well, before I was a Trojan, I was a sailor in the world's greatest Navy. Now, as a mere patriot, I intend to serve my country creating jobs and hot new products that benefit us all. You with it? Here's to the greater good!