Simply Complex Media Productions (SimComMedia) is owned and operated by Timothy Colomba who attended Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Waltham, Massachusetts. While attending school, Tim learned not only how to produce video media but also used the skills he acquired to cultivate his interest in photography and to uncap his musical ability by learning of the vast possibilities that digital music production offered. Always having a passion for music, Tim began creating song after song in all different genres and, to this day, is still incorporating his music into his video production work. After finishing the Professional Digital Filmmaking program in 2009, Tim began taking on video production projects with a fellow classmate for local companies looking to draw in new clients and attract qualified personnel to their staff by showcasing their corporate cultures. He began to shoot photography for corporate events such as holiday parties, expositions, and annual company conferences building his skill as a photographer beyond just the creative capacity. Soon, this led to collaborations with BioTech companies that sent Tim to various industry conferences around the country to film customer testimonials and who also reached out to SimComMedia to produce product videos and photography locally. In an effort to sharpen his craft, Tim began to take on the Fashion industry, collaborating with designers to create artistic videos inspired by their clothing lines and attending various runway events to capture these designs on the catwalk. This ability to infuse so much personal creativity into his fashion projects brewed a strong interest to learn more about the industry. In turn, Tim has travelled nationally and internationally to capture different interpretations of the fashion industry and to grow SimComMedia into a unit that merges creativity, inspiration, and style with the needs of those in the respective corporate and fashion worlds. The unification of video, photography, and music has become the staple of what SimComMedia produces. The mission of SimComMedia is to look back at our work and appreciate the beauty of media production simply through the fact that a client can communicate the complexities of what they would like to produce and using passion, skill, and focus, delivering a product that is memorable and entertaining.

Languages: English, Italian
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Tim provides full-service photography, video production, and music production using precision, skill, and focus to deliver a product that is memorable and entertaining. Overall, the emphasis is on the quality of the images and the quality of the message. The work he produces allows clients to communicate their message to the target audience and the projects are always done in unison with clients so that they get the product they need.