As an expert in the childcare field, I believe that I am well suited for the position. I'm experience in caring for the mentally challenged, and children with special needs. I have become proficient in assisting children with life skills, documenting information, and managing daily schedules. You will find my resume, and references upon request quite outstanding. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss your needs in detail thanks.

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My resume

  • Closet organizing
  • Psychology
  • Nanny
  • Office assistant
  • Psychology

My name is Nanny Theresa Alexander (affectionately called Ter ter by family and friends). I chose my career as a nanny simply because I love children. The clue to raise happy/healthy children is to care, respect, understand them and above all love them, paying careful attention to their needs and desires. Also nurturing and disciplining them with genuine LOVE. Having such extensive experience with children gives me absolute confidence and success in raising them. I m an expert nanny with children of all ages, particularly with newborn babies. I can raise happy, successful and healthy children. I feel that showing love as a nanny is the most important. I m educated, sophisticated, dynamic, smart and HAPPY. I always ensure that the children I care for are happy, safe, and healthy and encourage them as they grow to be smart and self confident. I enjoy engaging them with intelligent stimulating activities, like reading, arts & craft, and any other physical activities for example. Also, I teach them politeness and appropriate moral conduct to become successful individuals, themselves. I studied Early Childhood Care, Education and Development at Brooklyn College for Children Psychology/Development, in New York, NY and besides having extensive nanny experience with wonderful families, I have served as a Church Primary Worker for few years. My top priority is always the children, I am happy to assist with light household related matters (depending on the quantity of children and their ages), like: running errands (grocery shopping, post office, etc.), organize closets, drawers, etc. As a nanny, I try to alleviate the stress that many working parents face, by hopefully offering peace of mind knowing that their children are in great hands and care.