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I have been a strong administrator for over 25 years. My energy and enthusiasm for learning new things keeps me motivated and up-to-date on technology and business concepts. I am always looking for ways to supplement my income. My work ethic is strong, as I am loyal and committed to all that I do. I have been in 3 main roles throughout my life, in both corporate and small business environments. I have worked for high level executives, and have successfully coordinated both individual and team projects. My strong verbal and written communications skills have been an asset to me in many roles, including Office Management, Executive Assistance, Human Resources, Business Operations, Marketing, Accounting, and Technology. You name it -- I've done it. I can be a strong administrative resource to just about any industry, and work with individuals at all levels. Since I am enjoying my current position, I am mainly looking for consulting work that I can accomplish on my own time, either remotely or on weeknights and weekends. I am looking forward to exploring the many opportunities available on Humans.Net. Thank you for your time! Suzanne