I bring two decades of experience in journalism; literature; ad copy to the table. Resume/CV available upon request. Rates vary, depending on what job entails.

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Hi There. I'm a former New York Times journalist who wrote/edited for various sections from fashion to art and design, then branching into investigative features. As a journalist, I've contributed to not only the Times, but the New York Observer (under the late great Peter Kaplan), New York Magazine, the London Times, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Travel & Leisure, to name a few. I was a founding editor of Fashion Wire Daily, when it was a news service to the AP and the first online competition to WWD. In this position, I wrote five features a week; edited two dozen writers; and was dubbed "Queen of the Headline." I've written forwards to several art books for noted photographers, including Roni Horn, Craig Mcdean, and Tierney Gearon. I wrote a fictional cult novel called Who Town, now in talks for TV development. I've penned ad copy for BCBG, St. John, George Jensen watches, and David Yurman. I speak three and a half languages fluently, including English, French, Italian and Hebrew (my half language) at a six year old's pace. I have a passion for story telling in every form. You name it, I'll write it.