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Stephen Young Stamford, Connecticut | 203.400.3209 | Hello, my name is Stephen Young and my background in accounting roles has been primarily as an Accounts Payable and Receivable Administrator. Several of the roles performed in the United Kingdom through Reed Accountancy allowed me to gain a lot of experience in various functions of accounting. During this period working abroad enhanced my ability to work with different cultures and financial practices. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and work with a variety of financial software packages, managers and teams. As a result my financial administration and excel skills are of a very good standard. I have a good knowledge of modern accounting theory, principles and practices; knowledge of accounting terminology; knowledge of financial record keeping and reporting and budget preparation. I am able to analyze financial transactions and make original or adjusting entries. I have the ability to read and comprehend financial transactions, and to trace transactions through financial records. During the past four years I have worked in Long Island, New York for two different very successful entrepreneurs with small businesses. This role’s required a high level of personal and professional commitment and management skills. I performed responsibilities of an Accounting and Personal Assistant. That allowed me to acquire more experience of meeting with customers and clients where I acted as a source of help by finding out information in regards to payment and accounts queries on our service offering. These roles involved primarily accounts receivable. Managing the cash books, daily banking, handling cash, and credit card management. Payments to vendors and customer account information management systems. Managing and creating sales invoices, bank and credit card reconciliations, cash and cheque management and petty cash records; as well as maintaining up to date account information to support my clients and customers. I am very eager to work into the next level of my accounting career to achieve my goals of working as a financial accountant and would welcome the opportunity to discuss further how I can be of assistance in meeting your current employment needs. Please find attached my CV which shows in more detail the past working responsibilities performed. I am a very organized and motivated individual who enjoys learning and performing a varied role to meet the needs of the clients, management and finance team. Sincerely, Stephen Young