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I have a passion for teaching. After all, I decided to switch careers from being a Corporate Financial Analyst to becoming a Middle School Math Teacher this year. In addition to being a state certified Middle School Math teacher, I am an immigrant from China and studied Economics and Finance while in college. Therefore, during my college years, I tutored many students in Chinese, Math, Economics, and Finance. I feel that my ability to quickly connect with students allows me to help them move forward quickly and achieve their targeted goals. There are many roles to being a classroom teacher. One of the essential ones is making sure that students are answering the questions they are asked. To that end, over the years, I have developed a keen eye for proof reading other people's work. This step ensures that their output is free from spelling and grammar errors. My teaching/tutoring philosophy is to actively engage the learner by asking probing questions and ultimately lead him/her to the correct response(s). My goal is for any learner to take the initiative in solving a problem as I believe hands-on experience is the best way to learn and master any topic. When appropriate, I like to try to incorporate unique ways of approaching, understanding, and solving a particular problem. I am a big proponent of encouraging the learner to think critically about a problem and apply a learned principle as opposed to memorize a formula and repeat a prior process. During my spare time, I am a youths and high school sports referee. As a result, I have a great deal of experience dealing with individuals of all ages and personalities. Being a sports official gives me the great opportunity to fine-tune my decision making, judgement, communication, and conflict resolution skills with student athletes, coaches, and fellow officials. This role also gives me the side benefit of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Hence, I am fully capable of performing many manual labor tasks.