It has been like journeying gain through the fruitful yet testing years of my heretofore life. It has been a time of infinite epiphanies, marked by a struggle for my search for motivation, a lot of trial and errors and discovering meaning, success and creative satisfaction through independent short films. I have been more often laughed and questioned at my choice of pursuing a career in exploring and understanding the cinema. And due to all sorts of conventionality, social as well as familial, I pursued computer science engineering. Perhaps I was never strong enough to put up my passion in front of parents and other well wishers. I guess that the time has come to think about myself and my passions and walk on the idealistic path rather than the pragmatic one. In my all years and years of loneliness I have gone too far in analyzing and understanding every kind of cinema that I came across. My conviction and sincerity towards my chosen field are my biggest assets and they will surely help me to get to the place where I always wanted. I was always a cultural nerd not just a performer but a story teller and an event organizer, a passionate director of theater and above all an Artistic soul. That was the reason even after completing my bachelors and had job offers, I rather preferred to come United States to learn theater and dig into it as much as I can. I have been Studying, Performing and Auditioning from last three years in Newyork. Thats probably the gist of my present life.

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I Have a bachelors degree in computer science And my masters is in arts I am creative, can generate ideas and deliver original content.Efficient, good time management. Organized and meets deadlines. Got ability to work independently and contribute as part of a team. Strong written and oral communication skills. Experience in marketing through social media. SIDDHARTH RATHI (SID)