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Multi-talented tradesmen and writer. With over thirty-five years in various fields, including Cabinetry (a dying skill trade), Upholstery, and Scenic Construction for movie and television productions, I have accomplished in my short time on this planet, what some could only dream of doing. I have worked on the stage furniture of the play, Phantom of the Opera, Cabaret, and Hair. I have built sets for CNN, NBC, CNBC, ABC, and FOX. I rebuilt, and refinished the entire New Jersey Senate and House of Representatives furniture in the late 80s and early 90's. Built furniture that sits in the New Jersey Governor's Office, and mansion. I have built and finished furniture now sitting in Museums and Libraries across this country. 973/902/2733 I am a technical writer for these several fields, a screenplay writer and play write, as well as having several years of legal and professional writing skills related to corporate, contract, and civil law; a product of my expertise in these fields, and ironically, a fairly good artist, in landscape art. My forte is writing for these fields, or rather, about these fields. I am also looking to do ghost writing for fantasy fiction, science fiction, and general fiction that I would find interesting upon review. I am also not averse to building custom designed one of a kind furniture that I would be able to showcase on my on website. Much of my talent comes from what some people call a disease, ADHA. Indeed, it is a limiting, and sometimes severely capacitating hinderance, but, I would not accept classifying it as a disease. I have excelled in my 46 short years and met awesome people, designed and handcrafted some of the most beautiful wood and metal crafted items, and have plans to create one of the largest self-proliferating businesses in America's history. A company built by freelance writers, artisans, and fabricators with a desire to spread true craftsmanship in America, once again. I am John Gault, if you get my meaning... I am Howard Roark, if you can fathom my dream... I am not a number... I have a name. Shawn M.