"Born and raised in Bahia, the cultural heart of Brazil, Sergio has learned since he was a kid to look to the world with different eyes, finding colors and beauty in any situation. It was in the Brazilian landscape that he started his first clicks, during his childhood, but only after moving to New York, in 2005, his hobby became his profession, and the passion for photography took shape, brightness, and contrast."

Languages: Portuguese, English
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  • Photography
  • Photo editing
  • Photo retouching
  • Headshot photography
  • portrait
  • Fitness Photography
  • Photography

"Having a photoshoot with Sergio is an unique experience — he has the ability to make us laugh at the right moment, feel comfortable under any embarrassing situation, and, above all, he knows how to show the real person that is in front of the lenses." I am a photographer/ Videographer