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  • Business presentations
  • Web design
  • Mobile app development
  • Writing
  • Mobile design
  • Identity
  • CSS
  • PostgreSQL
  • C#
  • Software engineer
  • Website developing
  • ORM
  • XML
  • Database administration
  • System administrator
  • Android development
  • SQL

Over the last 10 years, the client working with me have been provided with the value by developing a wide range of commercial web-applications using ASP.NET (MVC, Web Forms and Web API), SOAP and REST Web Services and Android mobile apps. Experienced with Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem, including Microsoft Azure Storage (Blob, Queue, Table), VM's, Web Apps, Cloud Services. Have strong skills for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle DBMS. The key skill is creating a web applications using either ASP.NET MVC as brontend/backend or ASP.NET Web API as a the backend and Angular as the frontend. I always separate a data layer from the presentation and business logic. As an ORM, Entity Framework or Dapper are used and I prefer writing direct SQL queries when the maximum performance in the data processing have to be reached. Have strong skill at the project management, certified IPMA in 2015. Have been working as project and client delivery manager in the international company for years. So, I always respect your deadlines, expectations and requirements, have amazing communication and planning skills you would value. Particularly interested in along term collaborations with the client concerned with the on time deliverable and the high quality software development. Preferably I take a project where I could work some hours a day with a team or individually on a fixed price fee. Backend technologies stack: - ASP.NET Core, - ASP.NET Web API, - ASP.NET MVC, - ASP.NET Web Forms, - ASP.NET Identity, - Entity framework, - Dapper, - Azure cloud platform, - Swagger and SwashBuckle Data storage technologies stack: - Microsoft SQL Server, - Oracle, - PostgreSQL Frontend technologies stack: - HTML5, - CSS2, - Bootstrap, - JQuery, - Adaptive Web Design - KnockOut.JS - Angular Payment Systems integrations: - goSwiff mPOS integration - Stripe API - PayPal API 3rd pary integrations: - - HelloSign - UpWork - Google Maps - ChargeBee Mobile development technologies stack: - Android