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Hello! I am a freelance Bartender interested in working for YOU! I understand that you may be looking for a strong, trained and experienced bartender. I am excited to tell you that I meet all your requirements and am eager to leverage my experience, skills, and knowledge to contribute to your establishment’s bottom line. I have 4 years of extensive experience as a professional bartender and am currently employed with Terra Blues whiskey bar and blues music venue. During my career, I have established myself as a high quality bartender. Some of my key job responsibilities include: Providing quality experiences to all guests Preparing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks Taking beverage orders directly from customers or servers Collecting money for drinks served Checking identification of customers to verify their age when needed Washing and sterilizing glassware Cleaning and resetting tables in bar area Maintaining glasses and bottles in a neat, functional, and attractive manner Answering customers’ questions regarding beverages Limiting as far as possible liability and problems related to customers’ excessive drinking by taking actions such as persuading them to stop drinking or arranging taxis for their transportation I am a team player to the core, but can also work alone if a situation demands so. My inherent pleasing personality and my strong oral communication skills work to my advantage in my endeavor to provide excellent service to customers. I am physically fit and have no problem in standing for long hours or performing physical tasks associated with this job. My resume is attached with this application and provides you all the necessary details regarding my education, work experience, and professional achievements. It is my hope that once you review my credentials and experience, you will consider me for a personal interview. Thank you, Sincerely Scott Rivers SCOTT RIVERS 1005 Jerome Avenue, 10452 (347) 990-5898 BARTENDER/MANAGER Cheerful and experienced Bartender/Manager. I have transitioned from retail, to Chase an exciting career in the world of hospitality. I have worked my way up from a dishwasher, to bar back, and now bartender and manager. I know how bars work inside and out and I am a great people person. Comfortable working diligently in bars, both “Speakeasy” in nature, or in high volume environments. KEY SKILLS & COMPETENCIES · Confident and articulate when communicating with customers · A deep understanding of food hygiene and health and safety issues · Basic food wine and spirits knowledge with an ever growing repertoire of obscure pre prohibition era cocktails · Experienced in creating cocktail menu’s for new bars · Ability to quickly ring in sales with Cash-Handling Accuracy · Experienced In preparing classic cocktails in a high volume bar TECHNOLOGIES P.O.S.SYSTEMS DINERWARE, ALDELO & VARIOUS RETAIL P.O.S SYSTEMS ETC. Various retail Planogram (POG) systems Microsoft Word CERTIFICATION NEW YORK FOOD HANDLERS LICENSE , CERTIFICATION IN BARTENDING & MIXOLOGY