Languages: Turkish, Russian, Uzbek, English
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  • Tech support
  • Website developing
  • personal assistant
  • System administrator

OBJECTIVE I am a tech. support advisor and I can perform any task according to my skills, experience, knowledge and education. I would like to work long term as a personal assistant or tech advisor. SUMMARY Excellent social and communication skills. Solid administrative and leadership ability to work with groups, creativity in problem solving, effectiveness in negotiations, ability to work independently and as a part of a group. Computer literate with MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Internet and Operating systems and LAN and WiFi network as well as administration of computer related issues. Bilingual in English, Turkish and Russian. In my present job I do: Daily troubleshooting for 25 office workstations, maintaining well-working condition of desktop applications. Troubleshooting phone related issues. Remote desktop, TeamViewer, Wifi/LAN issues, DHCP, MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and others Also, I am a professional travel planner.