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I take pride in being a multi-faceted entrepreneur. Post my college education, I started an entertainment company that flip flopped between movies and live theater. From Shakespeare to horror movies, I artistically directed a number of projects that led to an off-Broadway production. I bring an artistic eye into every job I have ever had. My nights cocktail serving at a busy midtown restaurant are filled with smiles and animation as I converse with my regulars and make new friends. Previous professional experience show that I can hold down an office job while remaining intellectually stimulated. I can occupy the attention of a crowd and lead a team or work well within a group. I can be on my feet for hours at a time and stay engaged on an overall task. I enjoy having a proactive approach to a task instead of a reactive response. I can assure you that any job I am given will be accurately completed with finesse, style, and a high level of proficiency.