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I'm a freelance photographer, videographer, and writer with 12 years of experience. I partner with large companies as well as entrepreneurial individuals, covering the tech, corporate, live event, fashion, product, and lifestyle sectors. I cater to the a la carte proposal style, offering services as needed with manageable minimums that suit both parties. If you're unsure of your needs, I offer introductory consultation free of charge to help you get started. As a young professional who jumped in early, I often work as an approachable interpreter for those that may be new to the creative industry, but are eager to get their project made. Have resources in mind? I can also step in as producer and project coordinator to bring your team and components together. I love working with clients on an on-going basis, so I try to retain as many of my relationships as possible, but can also prepare projects and new departments for hand-off for when scaling needs change. Above all, I understand that we're all interested in creating something worthwhile, and want to leave my clients feeling satisfied and excited about their product. Feel free to reach out if you need an extra hand on your staff, or if you're ready to start production on custom content!