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  • Online Learning
  • Events
  • Writing
  • Business Services
  • Pet Services
  • Restaurant Personnel
  • Delivery & Couriers
  • Social Studies tutoring
  • Dog care
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  • English tutoring
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  • Pet sitting
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  • Cat care
  • Marketing training

I am currently a student at St. John's University studying Enterprise Regulation. Before moving to New York, I worked in catering for four years, both front and back of house. During that time, I also helped run a small online pottery business, communicating with clients regarding their orders and shipments. Once moving to New York, I worked in the clothing retail industry at Bloomingdale's in Soho, on a commission-based salary with high sales requirements. I later moved on to run a small Nepalese scarf and jewelry booth in Chelsea Market, where I kept the books and did the training and scheduling for the staff. Later, I began work at Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn in the bakery, doing retail, prep, decorating, and baking. I have a lifetime of experience taking care of animals, dogs and cats. I can dog walk and pet sit, as well as house sit if needed. I have approx. 5 years experience babysitting children in a group setting, as well as tutored ages 10-16 in subjects ranging from math, English, science, social studies, etc.