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I am a self-starter who is originally from Ohio, but moved to NYC to expand my horizons two years ago. Growing up as an avid reader, I would find myself constantly researching the inner workings of everything from politics to sports and pop culture. With this innate sense of curiosity, I began to study journalism in college, developing a strong background in reporting, public relations, writing and editing. For over three years, I have had the great pleasure of serving as head editor for Marra Productions, a small family owned company that is currently working on publishing a series of science-fiction collections. I do contractual work for them throughout the year. All work must go through me before it is finally submitted, and we are anxiously waiting for the release of our first book next year. I worked as a writer for three years with Rattan Outdoor Furniture. SEO articles, blogs, social media content and company letters were just some of my weekly responsibilities. As the head SEO and commercial writer, I became accustomed to proficiently writing SEO articles and enabling search engines to sufficiently find our products. My craft has only continued to grow and I have gained even more experience as the editor of our website, Within the first ten months, I composed over 2,000 different articles and blogs as well as completed a full 40 page company profile and corresponding brochures as a form of marketing. In 2013, I completed the position as editor for the National Senior Games, where I served as facilitator of The Daily. The Daily would detail the day-to-day happenings of the games and included both a printed and online version. The printed form required me to format a daily layout with teasers of stories that could be fully read on the website. After editing stories, I deciphered what content to include in the printed Daily, and then upload all articles onto, the official website of The Daily. Corresponding pictures were also selected. As editor, I oversaw 11 interns who assisted me in completing daily reports and hourly updates throughout the two weeks of games. Previous to the 2013 National Senior Games, I worked for the Gazette Newspapers as a Reporter and covered everything from crime to school board meetings and community interest stories. As a Gazette Reporter, I pitched, covered, photographed, wrote and edited between 12 to 15 weekly stories. In addition, I wrote for special tabs needed throughout the month. The position called for me to place daily articles onto our website. Recently, I began to freelance using both my photography and writing skills, to draft articles, capture intimate moments for theater performances and private events as well as create web content for a local law firm. I have a zest for life and learning all the world has to offer. I consider every new job another opportunity to explore. I currently work as a personal assistant in the city. I pick up freelance work whenever possible. I have a pretty flexible schedule and can work with you on deadlines, and the best time for us to connect.