Drummer, Hiphop/funk instructor. I'm very talented and just joined this company GoodLifeUSA to better myself and my career as a young Entrepreneur. As a Independent Business I have the ability to assist in many different ways. I'm looking for people that are not afraid to speak out with me. Interested in assisting others to become financially free and out of debt and in good credit standing. Finding a good team in New York will help me not only introduce to people that the money is there you have to be willing to go get it. Team Building chellesulli08@gmail.com ask about what it is that I do and what it is I need.

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Not only am I a Service Provider. I'm a Independent Business Owner as well, I'm with GoodLifeUSA. As a independent business owner/Entrepreneur I play the drums "in a church setting" great experience with at least 16 years under my belt, Hiphop/Funk freestyle instructor from Lawton, ok so I work with youth groups, worked as a HTS, switchboard operator, soliciting agent. But my passion is helping others while saving money and making money. I would like to teach a mass group of kids all 66 books of the bible I think it would benefit in life, at church, with focus, and a lot more. I offer a lot. The company I'm with also provides independent business owners a opportunity like never before which throws others for a loop. The cost for the product -the business card/Gift card is completely Free. Email me for details or glance at the sizzle video through GoodlifeUSA on youtube! http://www.goodlifeusa.com/Reesees/Home