25 years young. October 12 a Libra genius was born. Genius Labors is a personalized company I strive to prosper. Genius Labors is my genre of my character. I work hard and very dedicated to having clients not only satisfied but a promise no job is left unsatisfied. I will let my work speak for itself don't hesitate.

Languages: Spanish
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My resume

  • Floor cleaning
  • Residential cleaning
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Floor painting
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Painting
  • Floor installation

Skills, Construction, flooring, painting, more advanced skills, Commercial/Residential cleaning, Landscaping skills After gaining 5 years customer service I quickly gained certifications in construction. When I went to training each skill became natural. Taking 100% of pride in my work I've been successful at 3 major contracts 2 construction related 1 landscaping. I. Give me a viewing of your task and consider the project done.