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In my twenty five or more years of cooking professionally I have developed the skill of creating classics while consistently applying that knowledge to current trends, to create things that are not just clever but also have depth of flavor. I am dedicated to pleasing clients and pride myself in having intuition as to their individual tastes and preferences. For me, cooking is the art of giving people what they would like, yet always exceeding their expectations. I have worked for high profile clients in Manhattan and The Hamptons. My work has included impromptu parties for ten as well as consistently well executed highly formal dinners. I began my career working in baking and pastry for four years and then cooked for the next six years before becoming a private chef. Working in pastry gave me training in working precisely, while working as a cook gave me the ability to improvise while learning exact techniques. I cook in a variety of styles including low fat, spa cuisine, vegetarian, vegan, kosher as well as continental and American cuisines. My favorite style however is my own.