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I am a brilliant accountant who is passionate about my choice of career. I thoroughly enjoy bookkeeping and accounting and I take great pride in my work. Graduating Magna Cum Laude, The majority of my experience has been with preparing small businesses for expansion and planned growth by leveraging my knowledge of accounting, inventory valuation, and audit preparedness to bring your company inline with GAAP. If you're not looking for growth or just starting out (and trust me, the earlier you hire someone to set up your chart of accounts, the better) I can streamline your General Ledger accounts to be specific to your companies and accountants needs with your long term target and/or objective. My goal is to save your company time and money immediately as well as continually with strategic planning of all accounts and related accounting responsibilities based on your objective for the future of your small business. I am Available within two days notice to do your seasonal, temporary, short-term, long-term small business bookkeeping and accounting. I can work on-site or remotely. I can come in just to be a consultant on one or a few accounting projects. I can work with and train your current bookkeeper/office administrator in GAAP: I can also guide you and/or help you hire a solid bookkeeper if that is what the long-term need is. My prices are negotiable I am mostly interested in enjoying the company of the people I work with. I've chased money in the past and pretty successfully I might add. I realize now however, I am not happy in that world and happiness is way more valuable than an hourly rate. Please do keep in mind however that I am a degreed and experienced Senior Accountant. I do have two years at a CPA firm as a Junior Accountant. If you have the money - an investment in my expertise will absolutely save you money long-term and it may even turn out to be what keeps you in business. Simply put; how can you, as a business owner truly know you are making the best profit and fiscal decisions possible when you don't know the true financial position in which your company is. Note: "ballparking" although popular among small business owners is never as accurate as one thinks. Qualifications - BS Accounting - Magna cum laude - 10+ years of experience. - Last employment almost 8 years - Advanced Excel, Salesforce, And QuickBooks experience - Chart of Accounts, General Ledger, Sales Commissions, Inventory Valuation, - A/P, A/R, Payroll and related taxes. - individual/Company Tax Filings - Account Reconciliations - Audit Prep - Policy and SOP writing - GAAP - Business Regulations - Filing and Storing financial data. - Fixed Asset listing and tracking/depreciation Resume & references available upon request.