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I am an old farm boy raised in Northern New York State. Immediately after graduating from high school, I ventured off the farm and went to Paris. Not Paris France, but USMC Recruiting Depot, boot camp, in Paris Island (PI), SC. PI certainly did not have the lights, grace, charm, grandeur of Paris, but, I loved my time there. After graduating from PI, I was sent to more infantry training. After completing that training, I had some leave at home on the farm, said "good bye" and was off to what turned out to be three plus years in Viet Nam. Well, let mr just say, and don't ask why, I loved it in Viet Nam. Again, it was not Paris, but there had been a France existence there. Well, after a few years there, I started to panic, but received orders to come back to the states. After awhile, I was discharged from the Marine Corps, honorably I would like to add. I then turned to my next life experience, college. That turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. I began college in the field of biology and then got a job as a physiology research assistant. I like to say the there, at Upstate Medical Center, I saw the importance of electronics and medical or more correctly basic sciences. I applied to get into Syracuse University in a bio-med and electrical engineering program. That turned out to be more stressful than my initial educational course of biology. Well, I managed to graduate with a BSEE degree and was off to my first engineering position at NASA. So, I entered the engineering field and bounced around until I hit 65 years old and went into semi-retirement. However, I did go back to work for a few years and finally took full retirement. Now, a funny thing happened on my work journey, I meet my Colombian wife while working in Central and South America. We have a couple of children that are now of college age. Perhaps you see where this is going. Well totally unprepared for paying tuition and other college needs, I have to re-enter the work force once again to assist my children with a good education. My wife and I always advocated to our children the importance of a good eduction. I know that getting a degree was a miricle for me. We, or I should perhaps say me, told our children that I would assist them with their education and attempt to have them graduate from college with a minimum amount of student loans or ideally no debt. So hence forth, I am looking for any type of work to achieve my goal of assisting our children obtaining their degrees. I definitely think this is the ethical thing to do. I believe that I can offer reading skills, editing, and proof reading skills especially in the area of technical papers, test reports, reports in general, and manual develpment. So please feel free to contact me if you need any of that type of skills or experience. Thank you.