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I am a seasoned writer, brand expert, marketing communications pro, PR executive, and jack of all trades in which finding the right words to communicate to the right audiences is essential. I have worked for major magazine titles, international advertising and PR agencies, household-name brands, luxury products, and small businesses. Arts organizations, wine and spirits companies, fashion houses, retailers, toolmakers, celebrities, hotels, restaurants, chefs, tennis players, financial concerns. I started when print and traditional broadcast ruled, and have thrived as media has evolved into the digital, mobile, social space. I believe that capturing a voice, expressing it resonantly, and understanding both audience and delivery vehicles are the keys to success for any client. And I believe that someone with decades of work experience is always going to be better at this than a recent grad. (Sorry, recent grads, but experience matters.) I'm eager to share my portfolio with anyone looking for a way to stand out in a crowded, complex marketplace. Or simply to articulate what you want to say but have trouble saying.