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Ξ Cooper Applied Technology VALUE ADDED Consultants---Developers---Augmented Reality Applications FACT--analog Technology---Outdated Knowledge---old by the book taught Hard Skills have little value in 2Day’s digital economy! SURVIVE! UPDATE NOW with! Augmented Reality (AR) a pragmatic software application where real life is modified and enhanced by computer-generated digital sights and sounds. Augmenting old analog technology---outdated knowledge with new ways of thinking, teaching & creative interaction rather than using the same old same old and expecting a better result. FACT Old by the book taught repetitive “Hard Skills” work such as assemble line jobs, operations & maintenance, warehouse workers, machine operators, repair services, customer on line sales are being automated & not needed. Essential “Hard Skills” work such as research, accounting, complex machine operations, health care & more often lack measurable, subjective people “SOFT KILLS”. Today Employers, Potential Employers & Recruiters want to know what people “SOFT SKILLS” do you have in addition to your RESUME? People “Soft Skills” have both character traits and interpersonal skills that will influence how well you can work or interact with employees and understand your customers to form positive relationships. Employees & new hired are expected to deploy & use both “Hard Skills” & people “Soft Skills” on the job. Cooper Applied Technology can augment old by the book taught essential “Hard Skills” adding essential people “SOFT SKILLS” & reduce the time & cost required to recertify & update required training of employees & job seekers. And augment analog “Technology” with real world Knowledge with applications for our digital economy. We are paid for our time and effort and your results (Amazon associate id cooper10f-20) Augmented Reality application & courses used to survive in 2Day’s Digital Economy >>>>"Soft Skills" ebook learning & techniques<<<< >>>>>"Soft Skills" training courses link<<<<< >>>>>>>>> -Augmented-Reality-in-Publishing.htm <<<<<<<< Reading >>>>>>>>>>> Augmented Realty Applications <<<<<<<<<-Reading --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard Cooper---contact us 2Day and see! http:cooper applied Don’t forget to check your Spam or Junk mail folder Cooper Applied Technology 67 willowcrest dr ste 1441 rochester, ny 14618 USA ……. Voice 585-256-0971 All incoming & outgoing emails are scanned for security & are not a source for ROBO calls cooper applied technology founded 1976---all rights reserved (©)(TM)(®)(SM)