I'm a furniture repair tech with 35 years experience I also assemble exercise equipment furniture etc. At 57 years old I've found that assembling furniture and exercise equipment and similar things are much more easy to manage than having to lug around all sorts of equipment .In the assembly business all you need are some basic tools

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I'm mainly a coatings expert I got my start in the furniture business as a repair tech. I mastered the art of furniturerepair and moved into finishing once I mastered the spray gun I learned custom painting and that forced me to learn the chemistry of not just paint but all coatings. These days no one is interested in custom paint when you can get a cumputer generated stick on decal for pennies. I recently discovered that the market for assembly and people that can assemble things is booming. I actually find assembling things quite easy and some what relaxing when I compare it to other things I've done, and that's basically all I want to do now. Thanks