My resume

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Direct marketing
  • Translation
  • Web design
  • Business presentations
  • Graphic design

Edge Design is a full-service web and graphic design company dedicated to the success of its clients. We’ve served many businesses of various sizes. Our corporate branding and marketing solutions are engineered to provide growth where it matters most: clients, revenue & bottom line. Edge Design was founded by entrepreneur Randolph Rosemond about 10 years ago. He initially started as a graphic artist while working in the background of many major projects. With his experience behind us, we have gained the depth, knowledge and tools necessary to make your project look fantastic and function well. Presently, we work with many new businesses hoping to become more competitive and established. We believe in a personal touch and work closely with you to properly translate your vision. Remember: Your website is the 24/7 storefront of your business, which needs to sell your products, services and ideas even when your doors are closed. Through solid business sense, innovation and professional art direction, we help our clients in branding their company & products, launching powerful web brochures, dramatically increasing sales and reducing cost of marketing.