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PERSONAL CHEF The personal chef is a valuable solution for a modern lifestyle. Even the most conscientios and discriminating consumers have limited options with take-out food, and cooking at home can be challenging due to time constraints or ability. Keeping an inventory of fresh food in one's home can be difficult, and unfortunately fast food or walk in restaurant s have ultimately become the necessary concession. Simply put, one cannot afford NOT to have the assistance of skilled culinary professional who will carefully prepare a healthy and delicious cuisine for the overextended and time challenged New Yorker. Rafael Almirante, your personal chef, has the ability to create a 'mise en scene' for every taste and lifestyle, and adjust his style accordingly when the special occasions arise. INDIVIDUAL/COUPLES/FAMILIES Rafael Almirante will work with you to determine which type of foods and tastes, dietary requirements, work schedule and health goals are importtant to you and your family. He will assess your kitchen and food preparation needs and determine what kind of equipment that may be required for your personal chef experience. He will also stock the necessary groceries and pantry items as needed. After you are satisfied with your meal plan, Chef will prepare your meals and either serve or package them to your liking. Your kitchen will be left spotless and organized just as it was prior to his arrival. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Weight gain can often be attributed to a lack of time to prepare healthy meals or implementing slight changes in dietary choices for "better tasting" meals. Allow yourself the oppurtunity for the assistance you need in making positive life changes and it was meant to taste without guilt or needless dieting, and without sacrificing great flavor! PRIVATE CHEF -Romantic dinner for 2: Make your special night unforgettable! Choose a 3-5 course meal customized for you and your love one. Your dinner will be lovingly prepared and served in your home as you desire. Stylish touches can be added such flowers, wine, champagne, and of course, dreamy candlelight. Add some romance to your relationship! Rafael is avaialble to assist you for anniversaries, marriage, proposals, first dates, birthdays or any other occasion you want them to remember for years to come! -Dinner parties: The conscientious hostess rarely has the time to enjoy a gathering of friends and family. Hiring a personal chef will allow you to not only enjoy a menu of amazing food but will give you the time to to spend with your loved ones! Below you will find just a few of the options Chef provides. - Cocktail party - Elegant Dinner - Casual Self-Serve Buffet - Barbeque - Theme Dinners - Wine Tasting - Girl's Night Out