Hello, my name is Priscilla Rivera. I'm 23 years old and am a soon-to-be graduate of an AASCB accredited school, with a focus on Marketing. During my time at college, I began working for a family of four, as their nanny. My duties have included, personal care, scheduling, and errand running. I've been with this family for 4.5 years, and although I consider these people as family, I am excited to move forward in my professional life. Being a nanny for over four years has taught me a lot of things that I plan on carrying throughout my professional life. The most significant skill that I've learned is time management. When caring for two children, who are years apart, it's crucial that I know how to manage my time wisely, and multi-task, to ensure that everything can run smoothly for the family. I also realize the need for flexibility, when it comes to jobs that involve child care and executive assistance. No two days are ever the same, and things can quickly change, which is why I try my best to be as flexible as possible with the families I work for. Lastly, what qualifies me for this position is my reliability. Over the four years I have worked with my current family, not once have I ever called out sick. Unlike other jobs, I cannot just give my "shift" away. The family depends on me to ensure that their children will have the care that they need. I'm nothing if not dependable, and I can guarantee the commitment I've shown to my current employer will be matched with the same enthusiasm for my future employer.

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