My resume

  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Illustrating
  • caricature personality portrait
  • caricature animation
  • party caricatures
  • Mural painting& Installation
  • teleconferencing drawing
  • digital caricatures
  • caricature cartoons
  • party paintings
  • children's book illustration
  • investment deal illustrations
  • power point illustration

I am a professional Illustrator/ Graphic artist/ Caricaturist. I love to meet people and draw them at Events. I am one of the best! I also create Scenarios with Portraits as gifts, commemorations, Corporate Gifts, Corporate Deals. My range is from fast 5 minute on the spot drawings,storyboards, original Graphic designs and logos, formal Portraits, Comics and cartoons, Murals, whiteboard drawing videos, print ads.