Hello my name is phibeon,I have about 4 years of cleaning/janitorial experience I have worked for handy.com as a professional cleaner and also had my own clenaingw buisness for a brief period of time. I do house cleanings as well as in office settings.I am currently looking to be employed off the books willing to work 5 days a week. I Follow instructions i am reliable & i am on time if you are looking to book me for a house or office cleaning contact me from my email and information below.

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  • House cleaning
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I have 3 years of janitorial/cleaning experience. I have worked for handy.com and have had my own cleaning buisness for a brief period of time.I follow instructions well reliable and on time.I am willing to travel for any house cleaning needed If you are interested in booking me for cleaning services you contact me from my information below. 6462810837 terrancecobbsmalls@gmail.com