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My name is Paul. I’m an artist. I’ve made a living, a career and a life from my art since graduating from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television. Mostly I sing and play piano, though I also compose, arrange, coach, direct and record music in various forms. I co-produce collaborative performance events in Brooklyn that encompass song, story-telling, poetry, art, acting, dance and comedy. I love traveling, hiking in nature, photographing my surroundings and being an open vessel of observation who enjoys sharing all he’s learned with others. I started like all creatives, as a curious child. I organized the neighborhood kids and performed shows for our parents. In high school I spent weekends touring with my award-winning barbershop quartet. I formed a theater company in college that lasted until I took to the seas performing on a cruise ship. When I returned I helped found a vocal-electronic band that later signed to Verve Records. After years of touring the US and UK I left that group to foster the latest creation: a music/comedy duo with my best friend. We toured extensively in almost every state until this summer when I decided to unpack my suitcase and commit to planting roots in one place. Which leads me here. I’ve always been a creator, but along the way I discovered my passion for teaching and coaching, for imparting the collected knowledge I’ve gained from a lifetime of unique experiences. I began privately in Los Angeles with a few piano and voice students. I started to work with children in summer music camps through UCLA and the YMCA. But it wasn’t until a friend approached me with the opportunity to bring my skillset overseas that I had my first real teaching gig serving as Music Director at TASIS (The American School In Switzerland). Those three years put me in front of hundreds of kids from around the world compelling me to engage in both art and communication in a whole new way. I turned down an offer to remain year-round as I was committed to life on the road. That life is now a closed chapter, but while I’ve decidedly chosen to settle into my new hometown, I’m still very passionate about creating and bringing joy to people through music, art and expression. I’ve never lived much of a traditional life – and my classroom suggests that – but the process and the results speak for themselves. Art is essential for our human existence, and discovering that part of ourselves should be a fun and joyous experience. I look forward to speaking with you further – cheers!