5 years experience as a coach & personal trainer, I inspire my clients to accomplish their health and fitness goals through proper training and a healthy well-balanced diet & habits changing.

Languages: Arabic, English
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  • Organized
  • • Great Ability to balance multiple priorities & various tasks
  • & very Dynamic & energetic
  • • Proactive

i'm a certified personal trainer who is very passionate about teaching people how to live a healthy balanced life without having to starve yourself or over workout. If you don't have time to go to the gym for any reason, , then no worries, i will come to you. Train at the comfort of your home. Don't hesitate & make an appointment today.. Make your health a priority. First assessment session for free. Groups sessions can be arranged. Get stronger, healthier & tone your body. • Relief knees, neck & back pains. • Proven results even on your mood & confidence. • Dieting & healthy eating tips. Please contact me through my email:omaimasaleh3@hotmail.com