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Hi, I'm Olesia Natarov and I'm a pastry chef from New York. I was born in Ukraine, studied in France and now live in US. I've got my BA in Journalism when I was 18 and then realized that I couldn't be happy working in the industry, at least in Ukraine. I recalled that throughout childhood, I was dreaming about making beautiful cakes and living in Paris. So I applied to Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris and got accepted. I moved to Paris and studied Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts there for 9 months, graduated as one of the 5 best students of the year, with a lot of passion in Pastry in particular and hospitality in general. After completing my internship in Gateaux Thoumieux, where I got a chance to work along with great french chef Jean Francois Piege, I moved to New York and continued my career here, working in renowned restaurants and bakeries such as Vaucluse and Mah-ze-dahr bakery. Today I'm ready to work on my own, sharing my skills and knowledges in making and decorating cakes, plated desserts, developing dessert menus and recipes. I would love to create a cake or a sweet table for your special event, make a unique dessert tasting for a private party, develop a pastry menu based on your tastes and preferences.