My resume

  • Office manager

I am a young industry professional with a bachelor's in Film Production and a master's in Entertainment Business, currently relocating to the New Jersey metropolitan area. As a production manager, I have had the fortuity of managing independent productions, most recently, a series of documentaries for the Oscars® affiliated Florida Film Festival. Due to the success of this year's documentaries, my team and I were made the official production crew for the Florida Film Festival's Locally Fresh program, in April 2016. I have developed a professional level of proficiency, time management, and multitasking. As a former studio manager, working with many executive producers and clients on multiple productions, I understand the importance of properly and promptly performing my responsibilities, before or by a giving deadline. I am a self-starter, highly motivated to either assist or fully take on any tasks and demands required of me. With the in-depth knowledge and experiences that I have gained from working within the various film production departments, I am now a resourceful and dedicated production manager, capable of effectively preparing budgets, coordinating schedules, planning travel arrangements, and performing everyday office duties; as well as any other tasks to the best of my ability. It is with great confidence in all of my accomplishments that I believe that I can creatively execute the responsibilities of this position. I appreciate you for taking the time to read my letter, and look forward to hearing from you.