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I'm am a musician from Jersey City born and raised. My parents are black and Puerto Rican. I was never taught Spanish at home but I was able to pick up a few things here and there from conversation. The language that truly intrigued me was French. Seeking to try something new I chose french as my language class and studied it for 4 years. I became so intrigued in the studies that I sought to bring new material to class every week. I followed this practice all the way up to my senior year when I took the optional 4th year language class of AP French. I received 5/5 merit in my ability to demonstrate reading, writing, speaking as well as listening comprehension. During high school I befriended a young lady who's parents were French natives. During sophomore year I began working at her parents restaurant, which happened to be a popular french cafe in Downtown Jersey City. I became even more active in my practice of the French language when I started working at a medical office in the Bronx. There I was able to acquire more Spanish language through patients due to the large Latino community. I also became the go to person for all french speaking patients due to the large west African community in the area. Patients would call just to speak to me and book appointments and to leave their doctors messages because they felt comfortable speaking in a familiar language. My love of french language took me all the way to Paris in 2016. I planned a 2 week trip to France to shoot a music video, perform throughout the city, and make some records in a french studio. I stood at an apartment and lived just like a native for those 2 weeks. I was able to make countless connections just off my sheer ability to communicate french in a land where I appeared so foreign. I love tutoring because language is not only a tool, but a doorway. Had I not taking the risk of pursuing a language that had no immediate relevance to me, I would have not been able to have all the experiences who made me who I am today. I believe I can efficiently teach french due to the fact of me not being a native. Having English as my first language allows me to exhibit a method of teaching that is more receptive to someone who's never spoken french before. I've used french in the service and hospitality field when I worked at a french cafe in my teen years. I am utilized by doctors and nursing staff to translate french patients at a medical office. On a daily basis I am finding ways to challenge myself in my knowledge of french language and culture as well as find ways to expand my growing vocabulary.