I’m a native of the Jersey shore and have Experience in many areas. I’ve surfed my entire life and always loved sports and working out, so I decided to Make my living sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I love what I do and and i work great with others. Anyone who works/has worked with me always has a fun time and we equally learn from each other. :)

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My resume

  • Yoga
  • Nutrionist
  • Social Studies tutoring
  • Sports lessons
  • Body weight training
  • Box training
  • Fitness training
  • Surfing training
  • Personal training
  • Swimming coach
  • Yoga instructor
  • Sports coach
  • Strength training

I am a great person to work with because I’m honest, responsible, respectful, reliable, funny and I genuinely enjoy working and I enjoy working with others. I have a lot of experience in several different areas of life. I value myself, my skills and my talent and that shows in my work. I believe in treating others as I want to be treated and I live by it. I like to share what I know with others in hopes it’ll help them and in return I too learn from others. It’s a win- win.