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I am a writer's writer, an editor, and a philologist-at-large. My work includes lexicography; content creation; all kinds of writing, editing, and translation; computational linguistics; and teaching. I write blog entries, articles, essays, fiction, and poetry. I tackle a variety of subjects, and am comfortable approaching new subjects as well as familiar ones. I can take dense prose on a subject I know nothing about and turn it into clean copy that a layperson can understand on the first reading. I can "shrink-wrap" any text and make it as brief as necessary with zero to minimal loss of content. My editing is primarily substantive, also known as line editing or development editing. I have more than three decades of experience. In addition, I coach and teach writers in a wide variety of writing forms including fiction, poetry, and academic writing. I also teach languages, including Russian, Latin, and Hebrew. I have even taught multilingual grammar classes. At the same time, I am a holistic health consultant, an herbalist, a shiatsu therapist, a Qi Gong practitioner and teacher, and a coach. I teach classes and workshops, and also provide one-on-one instruction. Subjects include holistic health generally; specific topics in health, such as digestive wellness, avoiding and treating colds and the 'flu; herbalism; Qi Gong; acupressure; and more. I take great satisfaction in giving people the tools to take control over their own health. I bring my knowledge of holistic health and my experience as a writer together when I write about health care and herbalism. I see clients for individual health consultations including individualized combinations of herbal and nutritional counseling, shiatsu treatment, acupressure instruction, qigong (both outgoing and internal), and sotai. I also offer life coaching services. I am looking for consultation, freelance, and telecommuting work in all of these fields, and I welcome networking and collaborations.