I am one of those people who constantly loves to learn new concepts, ideas, theories, and new ways of doing things. From the very basic to the most complex, I am driven, ambitious and motivated to do and BE the absolute best--at whatever the task at hand may be. A born leader, I believe that my purpose is to help others; in any and every situation possible. Whether on a professional or personal level, I think I was meant to serve others by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to help themselves; thus ultimately creating a healthier and more prosperous way of life. As the sole provider for my now grown daughter, I learned at a young age to be dependable, strong and filled with perseverance, in order to give my child the best life I possibly could. Working full time, studying full time and being a single Mother--who also became a home owner, on her own--I have graciously learned to roll with life's punches and more importantly, to accept things--whether or not I like them. Disciplined and determined: those were the codes of my professional and personal existence. On the down side, I will admit that I sometimes take perfectionism to a fault; and am often my own worst enemy. However, life has a way of balancing itself out and I truly believe that things turn out as they do for a reason--not a stroke of luck or fate--but reason. I have always become an asset to any group, company or organization in which I participated. While capable of working independently, I do enjoy being part of a team--a winning team, that is. And while there is strength in numbers, there is also diversity and the beauty of people's differences of opinion. That which defines us can also be the glue which binds us together. Being born into an interracial family; I grew up and met people who were not quite as open-minded and accepting as I. So, unfortunately, I was victim to racial prejudice at an extremely young age. And this experience showed me that beauty really does come from the inside. Regardless of our outer appearance, it is what is in our hearts, mind and our behavior that truly defines us a human beings. And with discrimination still a prevalent problem in this country, and the world, it is the basics that can really make a difference and help mold the world into a better, healthier more prosperous planet. Acceptance, honesty, unconditional love, loyalty and sincerity are just a few of those qualities and I chose to live with these attributes, both professionally and personally. And this, I hope with help me to leave a positive and uplifting mark on the face of this beautiful planet.

Languages: Spanish, Italian

My resume

  • Copyediting
  • Massage therapist
  • Yoga
  • Office assistant
  • Office manager
  • PR
  • Language lessons
  • Tutoring
  • Literacy tutoring
  • Academic tutoring
  • Italian lessons
  • English tutoring
  • Writing tutor
  • Administrative support
  • Bookkeeping
  • System administrator
  • Photo editing
  • Swimming pool Installation
  • Shelves hanging
  • Cycling
  • Database administration
  • Proofreading
  • Editing

Ms. Nicole Herbert 5 Polizzi Drive, Apt. C Marlboro, New York 12542-5635 845/532.3396 ms.nikki.ny@gmail.com Career Objective Assist in the organization’s mission, becoming a positive asset; ultimately strengthening the company’s integral fiber Assets ❖ Organized, analytical and efficient multi-tasker with a strong eye for detail ❖ Extensive administrative experience; familiarity with all aspects of office procedures ❖ Polished interpersonal skills, superb writing capabilities and excellent phone etiquette ❖ Adept software/systems knowledge: from implementation to upgrading (DOS/Windows/Microsoft) ❖ Strong and effective communications; both verbally and written / Lifelong CS experience/Bilingual in Spanish ❖ Ability to quickly learn new concepts; follow through projects and meet deadlines Professional History Crossmark, Inc. -Mobile Retail Account Representative, Hudson Valley, NY: Jan 12-Present ❖ While onsite, strengthened professional relations with retail management ❖ Via email, handled manufacture-specific projects; inventory control, product recalls, etc. ❖ Via planogram, constructed new item displays, reorganized shelving, cut-ins and graphics ❖ Documented and uploaded photos of all completed projects via company intranet VantageMed Corporation -Software Trainer/Systems Analyst, Pompton Plains, NJ: Nov 99-Feb 03 ❖ Provided superior technical support to medical offices for practice management software ❖ Trained staff on module-based software: patient demographics, medical and insurance data, processing of paper HCVA’s, electronic medical claims and electronic payment remittances ❖ Resolved claims rejections, payment remittances, database errors and report discrepancies ❖ Installed, tested and updated software--onsite, via phone and remote software ❖ Extensive and ongoing Y2K Preparation ❖ As a vendor, acted as liaison for doctors’ offices, insurance companies and clearinghouses Health Information Systems, Inc. -Systems Specialist/Trainer, Ossining, NY: Aug 97-Oct 99 ❖ Traveled to medical offices and assisted with new system and peripheral installations ❖ Extensive on-site training: converted data, backups, updates and created detailed database logging all activity ❖ Recorded system life cycle from sale to current data updates The Hastings Center -Administrative Assistant, Garrison, NY: July 94-Aug 97 ❖ Managed all administrative duties for Associate of Philosophy and Development Director ❖ Attended to voicemails, e-mails, letters, itineraries, faxes and media inquiries ❖ Copy-edited two books and proofread several biomedical manuscripts ❖ Assisted in grant writing, donation and appreciation correspondence to individual and corporate donors ❖ Converted entire organization’s data and documents from DOS/WordPerfect to Windows/MS-Office Programs Swim and Leisure Warehouse -Cashier, CSR, Manager, Mohegan Lake, NY: Feb 88-Sept 01 ❖ Hired as cashier; answered phones and waited on walk-in customers--eventually promoted to store manager ❖ Converted $2 million inventory from paper to electronic barcoding and POS cashier system ❖ Ordered store supplies, unloaded trucks, checked in inventory, priced, stocked and sold products ❖ Closed in-house sales, scheduled land surveys, estimates, installations, as well as pool openings/closings ❖ Created PO’s, invoices, bank deposits, A/P, A/R, recurring monthly bookkeeping duties Education and Community Involvement ❖ Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie, NY-A.S. Information Management, May 2000 ❖ SUNY Empire State College, Newburgh, NY-B.S. Information Management Systems, May 2008 ❖ Dutchess County SPCA-Volunteer Work as a Feline Socializer to prepare cats for adoption ❖ Active Member of Marlboro School District Committee for Special Education