My name is Nikki, I am 27 and graduated from Marymount University with a master's in forensic and legal psychology. I am currently looking for some side jobs to help pay off my student loans. I am a bartender and can bartend for private parties - I have almost 2 years experience and am currently a closing bar manager. I am able to pet sit and am responsible with animals. I have a car so it makes it easy for me to travel. I was an excellent proofreader of papers in college, and I was trained to do take notes for learning disabled and deaf students at American University.

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  • Event bartending
  • Bartender
  • Bartending
  • Restaurant manager
  • Floor installation

I am a bar manager and server for two restaurants. I am able to work 200-300 person parties bartending as well as smaller events. I use regular bar equipment (shakers, jiggers, etc.). I am well-versed in Positouch as well as Focus operating systems. I have a D.C. ABRA license. I am able to expedite food as well as direct others on staff as a floor manager and as a bar manager.