I have eyes, Ears & a mind. I do everything by discovery, and understand it as I go along. With an interest in art and tech since high school, I found more ways to keep myself occupied while we go around in circles with the Sun. Photoshop is an extension of my Hands, Premiere Pro is an extension of my story telling. A camera is an extension of my eyes & mind and video camera is an extension of how I had seen the event. I have as many as 10 skill sets that got me through life & most I have taken professional with it because I seen potential from them. But, i will refuse to be hard on myself, because having a talent is something to have fun with, and it amazes people in the process. Never let the potential get to your head & be straight with others.

Languages: English
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  • Photography
  • Photography
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Having a interest in Video/Film, photography and post production, I can easily make a full feature movie or magazine cover. My skill set ranges are talented, but I don't let the power get to my head. If the past decade taught me anything its the fact of having fun with what I do, rather than be old.