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I Am a Philadelphia native relocating to the Washington Heights / Inwood area, very eager to soak in all that NYC has to offer. I Am self-educated, and very quick to absorb information and practice! I love learning about virtually anything... Here's a list of some more of the things I Am: a poet a writer a foodie a mystic an artist a linguist a musician a Christian a tech nerd an ecologist a demisexual an intellectual a photographer a fashion model an entrepreneur a political pundit a brutal romantic a dog companion a holistic health coach sole proprietor to a nonprofit communications company ( Pacéohazel ) ...and the list can go on... I am grateful for any opportunity to make money and better support myself. This means I'm willing to clean your toilet if you ask (ideally with eco-conscious cleaning products). So please, get in touch!! --------- rates are undefined until we get in touch and discuss what services you'd like for me to provide you with, time commitments, etc. ---------