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I realized I wanted to be an active member of the world of advertising and marketing when I understood that it was the simplest and most effective way of managing the mind of the masses. Advertising is a window into your psyche that alters your perspective of the world around you. It takes something of regular standard and makes it into something extraordinary. It's about creating a lifestyle. We live in a world where we have become so brainwashed that we don't even realize that we're advertising for companies all the time. Everything that we believe to be true is only so because that's how it was presented to us. We eat up anything that makes us feel something, something that catches our attention. We don't become conscious of this right away or perhaps ever, but its presence in our lives in overwhelming. I hope to accomplish a sense of style and flair in the world of marketing. I know that I want to go into marketing/advertising and produce something that impacts people's lives for longer than just a moment. I want to give them something to think about that's different than the constant deadening of today's advertisements. I wish to focus on topics that evoke empowerment, a sense of identity and worth, beauty, and most importantly, content that reminds us of the simple pleasures in life.